About us - Rhondda Golf Club
Current donations totalling: 12,120.00
  Gift Aid 3,030.00

We have been a registered Community Amateur Sports Club for some years now and we are particularly proud of our Junior Golf Academy, which is the developmental arm of our Junior Section.

We aim to produce the biggest Junior Section in Wales by 2013 and are already in the top 5. Our huge levels of local school children and fantastic facilities mean that we are well on our way to achieving our goal well ahead of schedule.

Although golf is primarily an individual sport we encourage team work and insist that all of our academy members wear our team colours (red shirts) with pride. We aim to instil values such as honesty, integrity etc and team work and camaraderie are common place throughout.

We are currently planning a series of fundraising events to take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme, which is open to all CASCs. To this end, we are working closely with the Assoc. of Community Amateur Sports Clubs & Zoe Thacker, Sports Development Officer for the GUW Celtic Manor.