Company Donations to Sports Clubs & Charities

From April 2014 companies can claim a full tax rebate (Gift Aid) on donations to local sports who are registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs. There are rules that govern the process and this service is designed to help the donor and beneficiary remain safely within the guidelines. For more details with no obligation - Register with us.
Club Management Awards Companies who donate to local clubs cannot enter into Sponsorship Arrangements. However, they can have their Company name and logo included with the various awards we are running for local clubs. The exposure within the local authority is wide and rewarding and can promote the company as a supporter of Community Sport in several different ways. For more details with no obligation - Register with us.
HM Revenue & Customs have guided ACASC (formerly Club Charity) in implementing this system in 2007 to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency in reclaim procedures for individual donors. We have been processing online claims and donations since then and can provide many working examples of solutions arrived at by other groups.